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sci: year one [the collection]


sci: year one [the collection]
Because my mixing skills have evolved a bit since I started this project, I went back and re-mixed the songs I’ve done this year to improve the overall quality.  Also, I got my homie @paoweezy to lace me with a snazzy cover!  Now, ladies and gents, I can proudly present to you – the “sci: year one” collection.  Download it for free.  Tell all your friends and tell them to tell their friends!

Thank Yous [I’ve always wanted to do this! LMAO]:
I wanna thank @nemobeatz for helping me out during this whole thing – both as a friend and as a musician. How much that means to me can never be expressed through words. Thanks to @finessebry for looking me out the same way. Thanks to @edwinblanco for not just being a manager, but again, a friend as well. This is just the beginning, fellas. Let’s show the world what we can do from here on in. It’s about that time. We’ve worked too hard already but we could always work harder. Only we can get in the way of ourselves. Let’s make everyone else a spectator.
Thanks to @readyrock for helping me with both sides as well. I will always ride with you no matter what my situation is [PAUSE!]. The Settaz will always be un-fuck-witable. I’m ready to kill ’em again when you are!
Thanks to @iknowyouhateme@babygirlfuego/ @LindsayKMusic@airmaxmo. Thank you for choosing us to paint your respective musical canvases. They’re not ready for what we’re about to hit ’em with. LET’S WORK.
Thanks to @s2dennisray, @bizkitxfx + @seanmack. You guys are my heart. Fuck pausing. Thank you for always being loyal. That’s worth more than anything to me. Know that.
Thanks to my REAL brother, Tom. You inspire me, bro. You’re on the right path. Keep doing what you’re doing.
Thanks to my amazing mother, Marc and the rest of my family and relatives for always being there. Tom and I will continue to make you proud. Keep watching.
Thanks to @paoweezy, @beckyface, @JennyCakes, @What_Recession, Marlen [GET A TWITTER, DAMMIT!], @littlemisscacie [You too! Make it official!], @nicoleisdope, @susiebabooty, @risas_piece, @mikeladen, @MasterJ, @La_Maravilla1, @imsomajestic, @monzie, @xxgothimaekoxx, @bevbeatz, @startrekia, @JerzeeBoii, @PR_JAY, @imFUTURE, @izzycuadra, @geefromjc, @DaFame, @REidealist, @Cardiana, @LaBols, @the_johnson, @fergieatheart, @Sally_Supernova, @therealzharina, @Planet_Awesome, @abellaaa and @whoeverelseImayhavemissed [Tell me and I’ll add you!]. Thank you for the love and support you continuously show. We wouldn’t trade y’all for the world.

Special thanks to Royal for featuring me every week! He didn’t have to do that but he did. I am very appreciative. I’m ready for that interview when you are!  HAHA! Also, thank you to @giftedthought for featuring me on A-Tunes. Hopefully you guys will continue to support me and my team in the future.

So that’s all folks! Next stop? Triangle Offense. 120 BPMs: The First Love. You’re gonna love it. I promise you! Till then…..!



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sci: year one [week 52] – THE FINALE

week 52: the beginning [produced by Jersey Boys Music]

“Finally, I’ve made it here. Here we are, I made a year…”

The day that I came up with this “sci: year one” project, I simply wanted to keep myself writing. Previously, I would have dry spells and stop making music for a long time. Thankfully, this project has done so much more for me. I was taught life lessons during this whole thing. It’s taught me discipline. Sometimes I have to do things according to a fixed schedule or work on things I don’t want to. It’s taught me how to handle and approach certain songs, but also certain situations in life. Because some of my music is so personal, it affects parts of my life. So I’ve learned that I need to practice self-control and separate the two at times. I’ve learned that I need to choose my battles wisely. I’ve learned that me as an artist and me as a person affect and influence each other immensely. This project has helped both sides of me evolve. I firmly believe that we never stop growing though. Realization and awareness is just the first step. I have a long journey ahead of me. I want to thank everyone that’s been with me, those that are just getting on and also those that have ignored me. I promise to continue giving you my best. This is only the beginning.


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sci: year one [week 51] [produced by sci of Jersey Boys Music]

week 51: uninvited [produced by sci of Jersey Boys Music]
I made this beat a while back but I’ve never had the chance to use it.  I knew that I had to do it this week or else I’d never get to it.  I definitely couldn’t pass this beat up solely because I found a way for the sample to SAY MY FUCKIN’ NAME. LMAO! I was so suped when I did that.  In this words of my homie, D. Morse, this might be most “fierce” I’ve been on a track. Not ONLY in terms of lyrics, but more so the delivery and emotion.  You can really hear ME behind every word I say.  In my opinion, music is best when an artist can become one with their song.  This is surely one of those instances.



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sci: year one [BONUS] – The Madison Ave. Boys!

bonus: fuck it up [remix] (feat. The Madison Ave. Boys)
Yesterday, we were at the Madison Ave. Boys’ video shoot for their single, “Fuck It Up”.  I was really impressed with the level of professionalism the band and crew was on.  At the same time, it was also comfortable, as if it were just a bunch of friends kickin’ it on a regular afternoon.  I felt like the energy of the song was captured well on set.  By the time I left, I was really feeling the song and came up with a few lines for a verse.  Luckily, Carlos gave me a CD [with the single and instrumental] along with his blessing to remix it.  I really appreciate bro!  I hope you guys like it!

Everyone, check out more from The Madison Ave. Boys on these sites:

See you all later this week for Week 51!


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sci: year one [week 50] [produced by Jersey Boys Music]

week 50: adversity [produced by Jersey Boys Music]
Me and Nemo actually made this beat for the new Triangle Offense album.  Recently, we decided that, though it was a great beat, it wasn’t close enough to the sound that the rest of the album has.  Of course, you know how I do – once I got word of that, I started working on it for myself. Don’t leave your beat around me, true stealer for real LOL.
The “adversity” concept was also the same concept we were gonna use for the album.  Each of us were gonna write verses about our own problems, struggles, etc.  Since the song became a solo, I thought to put a twist into our original concept to make it more interesting.  Instead of writing about my own adversities, I decided that each verse should be written from different perspectives of different people.  The first verse is from a young African-American male who’s been in the ghetto all his life.  The second verse is from a single mother and her two children.  The third verse is from a US soldier staying in Iraq.  Each of them have their own thoughts, insecurities, and problems they have to fight through and overcome.  Even though each of their situations are quite specific, being faced with adversity is something that everybody can relate to.  The song’s underlying message is that you are not alone.  You’re not the only one with problems.  We all have something that we’ve gone through or we’re going through.  All your experiences – good and bad – make you who you are.  How you handle them is up to you.  Only YOU can define who YOU are.


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sci: year one [week 49]

week 49: one more for michael
I couldn’t help doing another one for the King!  Let’s all learn from him and make the best of our time here.  Live your life off the wall!



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sci: year one [week 48] – R.I.P. Michael Jackson

week 48: billie jean ’09
As you all know, today was the great Michael Jackson’s memorial.  I really wish I was there to pay my respects.  When I was growing up, all I did was listen to his music.  I would continuously playback music videos and performances to emulate his dance moves.  There’s no one that’s influenced me more than he has.  He’s the reason why I became so enthralled with MUSIC itself.  The best way for me to show my appreciation for him is to remake one of his songs.  I dedicate this to you, Michael.  Thank you for everything.


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sci: year one [week 47]

week 47: murder house
When I first heard this beat, I thought that it sounded like some Hip-Hop horror shit.  I then chose to write to this as if I was a serial killer in a horror movie.  [I kept thinking Dexter for some reason but it ended up becoming a little more twisted than that LOL.]  I decided to specify a bit and I made it as if I was a rapper that was a serial killer to other MCs.  I put my two ideas together so it could play as a metaphor of sorts.  [If you listen closely, I tried to create a thin line between the two.]  I had a good time trying to create visuals for the listener.  I wanted to keep the horror theme throughout the whole thing.  Remember that this is only for entertainment purposes!  ENJOY!


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sci: year one [week 46] + ADONIS info

week 46: go-ie pt. II [make it rain] (feat. Finesse)
I originally wanted this to be a Triangle Offense freestyle but we never got a chance to do it.  We were just so busy with making sure that Adonis recorded his stuff for the new T.O. album before he went back to the PI.  Finesse and I decided to jump on it anyway since he’s been sitting on the hook and his verse for a while.  I called this “go-ie pt II” because it seemed reminiscent to the first “go-ie” joint that Finesse and I did for week 7.  I love making tracks with my T.O. brothers, man.  Our chemistry is good together and our individual styles compliment each other.  They also help me make sure that I write the best that I can.  Finesse and Adonis are both nice as hell so I have to make sure I don’t slack off LOL.  I really wish that Adonis was on this too.  In his absence, I made sure to go extra hard on this track for my geographically challenged brother.  This is for you, PWOL!

Speaking of Adonis, check out his new blog here:
He drops new music there from time to time but it’s personally great for me to read what’s going on with him while he’s away.
You can also follow him on Twitter here:
OH! And peep his blog feature on Asian Rap Worldwide too!
Shouts to Royal once again!

You see? We gets busy for reeeeal! HAHA!



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