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sci: year one [week 45]

week 45: night & day [remix] (feat. Lloyd)
I was searching for something to do this week and this song leaked out of nowhere.  I’m a huge fan of Lloyd’s Street Love album and also a fan of Jim Jonsin’s productions, so this was a nice combination to me.  It almost seemed like fate for me to go on this because there was an 8 bar space in the middle without any vocals.  I cut up parts of the beat where they let it run at the end to extend my part to 16 bars.  The most tedious part was cut and arranging the stuttering in the first 4 bars of my verse.  I’m sure there’s some better way to do it but I went old school with the cut and paste method.  It took a while but I actually have fun doing that stuff.  I think it somehow satisfies part of my OCD LOL.  Anyhoo..enjoy the song!

See you next week!


P.S. – Listen closely for the evilest laugh ever recorded on a chick track. LOL!

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sci: year one [week 44]

week 44: must be love [remix] (feat. Cassie)
YAY!  I told you I’d catch up this week..hehe.  This is the last of the 3 songs that I needed to make up for.  I decided that I needed to make something for the ladies since I’ve been catering more to the fellas with my past two or three offerings.  This song is real sexy to me.  It’s gotta be the guitar!  I wish the producer let the guitar run by itself for a few bars at the end of the song.  Anyways, even though this is a “chick track” or a “radio hit,” I always want to make sure that I have a good balance of lyricism while still keeping it accessible.  No matter what, I don’t think it’s good to give up artistic integrity because it’s part of what makes each of us artists different.  Anyways, I hope you enjoy this because I personally have been listening to this a lot since I recorded it.  I also hope you don’t think that’s vain LOL.  If I don’t appreciate my own work, who else will, right?

See you next week!


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sci: year one [week 43]

week 43: incredible
I wrote to this a while back but I somehow lost my verse [no Cabo].  I decided start from scratch and rewrite it since I’ve been feeling ravenous lately.  This is another lyrical thrashing, similar to kapowski in my audi.  If you liked that, you’ll probably like this.  I’m still not sure which joint I bodied more but I think I’ve gotten my point across about how strong my pen game is.  Come see me.

I could put up my next track but I’m gonna let this one sit at least for a few hours.  I’ll definitely put it up tomorrow morning if not tonight.

Till then,


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sci: year one [week 42] + A-Tunes BLOG FEATURE!

Like I said last week, I’ve been busy working on the Triangle Offense album among other things so I haven’t been able to update  on time. I really feel bad about that so I’m gonna catch up to everything this week. Here’s the first of the 3 that I owe you guys:

week 42: kapowski in my audi
If you haven’t picked up Asher Roth’s album, PLEASE do.  That shit’s pretty sick.  It’s raw, organic, grassroots Hip-Hop – with a twist.  This song is originally “Lark On My Go Kart,” which is the intro to his album.  When I first heard it, I was so impressed by the fact that he was STRAIGHT RAPPING throughout the whole thing.  No hook…just pure lyrics.  I wanted to do the same thing but in my own way.  Sometimes, I dumb down my lyrics here and there because not every song needs complex lyrics or vocabulary.  Sometimes, that can actually ruin a song.  It’s all about control.  On this joint, I just wanted to remind everyone that I’m still not one to be fucked with on the mic.  That’s a part of my reputation that I’m quite proud of.  I think anyone can be a rapper.  Being a good rapper with actual skill?  That’s different.

Last but not least, I wanted to shout out Gifted Thought at for posting up a feature on me and my project.  Check it out here: Make sure you check out regularly for the latest and greatest in Asian music and culture.  Thanks again, Gifted!


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sci: year one [week 41]

week 41: get it [flow of the day]
I didn’t get to update the site last week because we’ve been working non-stop on the new Triangle Offense album since Adonis is here visiting American soil. I was gonna put two tracks up today to make up for it but I loved this one so much that I thought it deserved its own shine.  Anyone that’s been following my music before this project will recognize the first half of the first verse from my “Flow Of The Day” freestyle.  That verse actually came about when I was looking at’s Word Of The Day feature.  The WOTD that day was “Hullabaloo.”  I found the word interesting so I used it in a line.  Next thing you know, I had a dope ass verse to go along with it.  I recorded the verse and Nemo thought that I should make a song out of it.  I never got back to it but then I noticed that the verse went well with Wale’s “Chillin.”  I then decided to use it on here, write some new stuff to go along with it and VOILA!  Now we have “Get It.”  Hope you like it as much as I do!


P.S. – Congratulations to Becky on her gradution!

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sci: year one [week 40]

week 40: birthday sex [remix] (feat. Jeremih)
I heard this a while back and thought it was so dope cuz of its Dream-esque sound.  [Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a big Terius Nash stan.]  Not only does it sound like something that The-Dream would write, but it also sounds like something that LOS would produce [Producer of  “Rockin’ That Shit,” J. Holiday’s “Bed,” etc.].  Since then, it’s become the biggest R&B record in New York City.  I love remixing stuff, especially existing R&B records.  I tend to get my “sexy on” on them..LOL.  That’s actually what I started on when I first began recording my raps.  A few of the songs that come to memory are Jagged Edge’s “Walked Outta Heaven,” 112’s “Cupid” and J-Kwon’s “Tipsy” [I know that’s not R&B but that remix brings me back]. Ahh…the memories!  HAHA!  Hope you enjoy this one though!

Till next week,


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sci: year one [week 39]

week 39: wordplay (feat. Wale & Curren$y)
I’m a big Wale fan and also a big Curren$y fan.  9th Wonder is one of my biggest influences as a producer.  Of course, I was super suped to find out that these 3 made a song together.  I was honestly surprised that 9th made this beat.  It’s not his usual sound but it was still hot.  The song’s “wordplay” concept was so dope to me.  Both Wale and Curren$y are good at it, so it was fitting for them.  After the first listen, I noticed that there was an open verse at the end.  I’m not sure if Wale planned to get someone else to jump on it for the final version but I decided to go on it.  I enjoyed trying to keep up with the other rappers on this track.  I’m sure not everyone will get all my lines upon first listen.  Almost every bar has some sort of meaning, so keep running my verse back to figure them out.  That or just ask me..LOL.



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sci: year one [week 38] + BLOG FEATURE

Howdy ya’ll! First off, as some of you may know, I was featured on a blog earlier this week.  Asian Rap Worldwide is a blog that’s dedicated to Asians in the Hip-Hop scene.  The blog’s owner, Royal, was kind enough to put up a post about my “sci: year one” project.  In case you didn’t see it, here’s a link to that:
Again, I wanna thank Royal for taking the time to listen to my music and putting something up about it.  I really appreciate it!  Definitely feel free to look through Royal’s blog cuz it has some great content.  Again,!  Now on to the music this week.

week 38: amasian
When I first heard Kanye’s 808s album, I thought this beat was SO DOPE.  I love that it’s drum and percussion driven.  The sounds he used are very primitive and are “pre-war” like.  Just imagine a tribe getting ready to go to war playing this [minus the piano].  The savage yelling in the background plays well behind the hard, raw sounding drums.  Listen to the percussion playing under the snare and kick.  It just keeps repeating over and over, almost to the point where it’s provocative.  Though it’s simple to the ear, I think this beat is so crazy when you just sit and nitpick through it with your ear.  I hope you enjoy my quick in and out verse on here.  I enjoyed making the bounce and the sing song flow I did on it.  I feel like anyone can rap but the presentation is what makes a GOOD rapper stand out.
Before I go, I just wanted to make clear about what “sci: year one” is about.  First and foremost, this project is about me experimenting as an artist.  It allows me to try different things in terms of songwriting, composition, delivery, concept and content – almost to the point of no regard for consequence.  Now, because I’m a very expressive person [especially in my music], sci: year one PERSONALLY serves as a time capsule FOR ME.  I like listening to a song and remembering why I wrote something or why I said something.  It reminds me of how I was feeling or what I was going through at that time.  I think this is good for me because it reminds me of my rights AND wrongs.  I’ve written somethings in these songs that I’m not proud of…but I don’t regret saying any of those things because I can look back and LEARN from them.  Like I told you all before, “I rarely hold back from saying anything in my songs because I use it as my personal diary. The only difference is that you just happen to hear it in audio form.”

Till next week,


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sci: year one [week 36 + 37]

I was looking through my folder of unreleased music and found these two older joints.  I forgot how good these were and I thought to share them with you for this week.  I told you I was gonna go back to the sci you all know and love! [But it’s not like you don’t love EVERY VERSION of sci that you hear, right? LOL jk. Ok..half joking..haha!]

week 36: swagger/back
I love when I rap over this tempo.  I tend to sound extra good and extra stylish.  I had such a blast writing to this joint.  I called it “swagger/back” because I was coming back from a recording hiatus at the time.  I also took the cue from Justin’s sexy/back as if I was bringing swagger back or whatever.  [Yea I know…SRB – Stupid Rapper Bullshit..LOL.] I was just getting back into the groove of things and honestly, don’t I sound like I never missed a step? HA!

week 37: secrets [remix] (feat. Nina Sky)
I was OBSESSED with this record.  This was a Nina Sky joint that seemed to leak out of nowhere.  I’m not sure if it’s for their second album but all I know is that it’s produced by Ryan Leslie.  A lot of people rag on these girls but I fucks with them.  This is a quick in and out verse from me.  I definitely could hear this playing on the radio – with or without me..LOL.  Enjoy!

Till next week,

sci. [aka “One night offer: Young, fly author.”]

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sci: year one [week 35] + my return to TWITTER! [LOL]

What up everybody!  Today, your favorite Filipino is reporting live from sunny Los Angeles, California!  If you know me, you know that LA is one of my favorite places in the world.  Once I’m financially successful in the music business, I plan on getting a place out here.  Oh gaaahhd..this city GOT ME so bad!  I’m out here for my friend’s wedding and also to meet with Sickamore to discuss music mumbo jumbo.  We’ve been playing phone tag with each other since yesterday but hopefully we’ll link up later today.  Anyhoo..let’s get to the music.

week 35: you’re not a diva
My dislike for Ms. Knowles has struck yet again.  Just like the “Single Ladies” track I did, this song is just a different spin on the original and isn’t directed towards her [LOL..what do I look like dissing Beyonce?!].  I just enjoy giving alternate scenarios and twists to song concepts.  Like they say, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.”  People can look at one thing and have completely different point of views and opinions on it.  So…here’s my approach to this song.  I’ll bring back the “lovey dovey sci” that you all know and love next week or the week after.  I can’t lie though..these type of tracks are sometimes fun to write.  Sorry for the vulgarity..LOL.

Btw, this Sunday marks my return to Twitter!  I have fulfilled my promise for lent and I’m excited to come back to Twitter more than anything!  Once midnight hits, I’m gonna jump back on my Twitterfon and tweet. my. ass. off!  Hopefully I’ll be drunk at some snazzy club or lounge in Hollywood around that time.  So check me out at  It should be interesting!

Till then,


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