Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | July 24, 2009

sci: year one [week 51] [produced by sci of Jersey Boys Music]

week 51: uninvited [produced by sci of Jersey Boys Music]
I made this beat a while back but I’ve never had the chance to use it.  I knew that I had to do it this week or else I’d never get to it.  I definitely couldn’t pass this beat up solely because I found a way for the sample to SAY MY FUCKIN’ NAME. LMAO! I was so suped when I did that.  In this words of my homie, D. Morse, this might be most “fierce” I’ve been on a track. Not ONLY in terms of lyrics, but more so the delivery and emotion.  You can really hear ME behind every word I say.  In my opinion, music is best when an artist can become one with their song.  This is surely one of those instances.




  1. Now I feel awful for not following your project till the end…. because after hearing this one track I know I’ll have to go back and listen to your entire work of music!

    I love the mix of genres, I love how you remixed Alanis Morissette (of all people) into something with drive, edge and attitude. And above all, I’m impressed by the work you put into this to make it your own finished piece of art.

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