Triangle Offense

Late last year, I was helping Adonis with his solo album, “The Adonis Complex”…executive producing, to be specific.  We would record at Finesse’s house, who [I think] till this day is the longest standing friendship in my life.  Finesse would also engineer, so the three of us worked together pretty closely [pause].  Anyways, one afternoon at work…I was just thinking about our work in progress and came to an epiphany.  I decided to approach both of them with an idea I had: to make an album together.  We’ve made tracks before and even performed together so it was probably inevitable.  So then I came up with the name Triangle Offense for us.  Why?  Psssh..why not?  It sounded hot.

Finesse then came up with the idea to not tell anyone about it, even Nemo, who is my production partner and brother from another [JERSEY BOYS MUSIC].  Finesse said he was tired of showing people snippets of works in progress and not going back to it afterwards.  Instead, we should just make a shitload of songs then BAM..just hit ’em in the head like Vonage with a full, complete album.  I thought that was a fantastic idea. Also, it was funny as hell that Nemo co-produced an entire album and didn’t even know about it.

So since December, we’ve been working on the album on and off.  Finesse and I agreed that we wanted to make a Hip-Hop version of The Dream ‘s album “Love/ Hate.”  That meant trunk bangin’ beats and that we had to stick to a certain sound. Unfortunately [but not really that unfortunate], this also meant little to no content..LOL.  If you check The Dream’s album, the only song with real content is the last track, Mama.  So we just focused on just having fun with making music…some HOT, LAVA DRIPPING NOGGIN KNOCKIN music!

The album title I came up with was “Back To Barcelona.”  The meaning behind it is simple.  Do you guys remember the 1992 Dream Team in Barcelona?  It consisted of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, etc.  It was considered to be one of the best, if not the best, team to ever be assembled in any sport’s history.  So why “Back To Barcelona?”  Because we believe we’re a sick ass team and we’re trying to bring back the same feeling that the 1992 Dream Team brought to their fans.  WORD.

Earlier this summer, we finalized our tracklisting and have decided to let the cat out of the bag.  We’re gonna have the album downloadable for $FREE.99 on here but will also have full CD packages [yes..official case, super official cd insert, super duper official cd with printing] to sell to anyone interested.

Till next time…toodles,

sci. aka “Calvin Coolidge…yes, the outfit’s foolish.”

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