Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | September 19, 2008

sci: year one [week 6 + updated: week 7]

I know, I know…I’m a week behind.  There were some complications with our studio set-up but everything’s all good in our hood now.  Anyways, enough about that…here’s sci: year one, week 6 + 7:

week 6: just rhymin’ [rap-sody] [feat. MJ]
I heard this track on the new Rhapsody commercial with some chick floating inside a bubble over a city.  While the commercial itself was kinda ill, the song playing IMMEDIATELY caught my attention.  I quickly dropped down and got my google on and found the mp3 for it.  The song is “Squeeze Me” by Kraak & Smaak.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the instrumental [for free anyway..LOL] so I had to improvise and cut it up to make my own version of the song.  I think it actually came out better this way.  Our guitarist, MJ came through to the session on a whim and watched as I recorded the track.  When Finesse [our engineer & also 1/3 of Triangle Offense] was done mixing the song, MJ pulled out his guitar and started jamming to it.  We decided to put him on the track to add some more of that jazzy shizzy shiz.  It came out SO hot!  I love when music comes together unplanned and improvised like that.  It’s almost magical.  *drops tear*
The point of this track was really just a lyrical exercise of sorts and more just have FUN.  Some of the shit I say may be pointless, irrelevant or even might not make much sense.  I’m still fuckin’ nicer than most rappers suck it.  LOL..enjoy!

week 7: go-ie [feat. Finesse]
For those that don’t know, the original version of this is “Louie” by Blood Raw & Young Jeezy.  As soon as I heard it, I wanted to make a “Goyard” version of this with my Triangle Offense brothers.  By that time though, Adonis had already sadly departed to the motherland.  Because this track is really really on some shit already, I know this track woulda been really really really on some shit with Adonis on it.  *drops tear* [damn…I’m dropping tears left and right on this emo sci]
Hilarious fact: Finesse LEAKED this track last night.  LMAO..I’m not even on yet and my shit’s already getting leaked?  It was pretty funny because other people had the final version before me and they were telling ME about it.  You see?  That’s how leaks happen.  Don’t trust your engineer…LOL jk.
Finesse and I were discussing how this track came together and it really is a shame that Adonis isn’t here with us.  Finesse said something like “this is kinda crazy for a freestyle…and that shit was just CLOCKWORK to us!!”  He’s exactly right.  T.O. bitches…YUAH.

Till ocho,


P.S. – Check out the new tabs up there^ [Jersey Boys, The Collective, Triangle Offense].


  1. hahaha. got your “google on” – masterful

    your choice of words are always so witty. *brushes your shoulder*

    unfortunately i can’t listen to this now coz i’m uhhh at work. hehe. but i can’t wait to check it out and pimp it to anyone who will listen. =D

  2. YES! pimp everyone…even if they don’t wanna listen!

  3. damn dude this shit is str8 fire. this is pay per view right here, motherfuckers gonna have to pay for this!

  4. I LOVE JERSEY BOYS!!!! and The Collective is the shit. for sho!

    i love bloggin. and i love that rap-sody track.. it goes down smoooooooth.

  5. …it goes down smoooooooth. haha thats what she said lastnight….

  6. […] track with me.  Of course you know who Finesse is if you heard the Triangle Offense album and my week 7 track “Go-ie.”  Mo-16 is an artist that the Jersey Boys are working with.  We’re producing his entire […]

  7. […] because it seemed reminiscent to the first “go-ie” joint that Finesse and I did for week 7.  I love making tracks with my T.O. brothers, man.  Our chemistry is good together and our […]

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