Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | July 17, 2009

sci: year one [week 50] [produced by Jersey Boys Music]

week 50: adversity [produced by Jersey Boys Music]
Me and Nemo actually made this beat for the new Triangle Offense album.  Recently, we decided that, though it was a great beat, it wasn’t close enough to the sound that the rest of the album has.  Of course, you know how I do – once I got word of that, I started working on it for myself. Don’t leave your beat around me, true stealer for real LOL.
The “adversity” concept was also the same concept we were gonna use for the album.  Each of us were gonna write verses about our own problems, struggles, etc.  Since the song became a solo, I thought to put a twist into our original concept to make it more interesting.  Instead of writing about my own adversities, I decided that each verse should be written from different perspectives of different people.  The first verse is from a young African-American male who’s been in the ghetto all his life.  The second verse is from a single mother and her two children.  The third verse is from a US soldier staying in Iraq.  Each of them have their own thoughts, insecurities, and problems they have to fight through and overcome.  Even though each of their situations are quite specific, being faced with adversity is something that everybody can relate to.  The song’s underlying message is that you are not alone.  You’re not the only one with problems.  We all have something that we’ve gone through or we’re going through.  All your experiences – good and bad – make you who you are.  How you handle them is up to you.  Only YOU can define who YOU are.


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