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sci: year one [the collection]


sci: year one [the collection]
Because my mixing skills have evolved a bit since I started this project, I went back and re-mixed the songs I’ve done this year to improve the overall quality.  Also, I got my homie @paoweezy to lace me with a snazzy cover!  Now, ladies and gents, I can proudly present to you – the “sci: year one” collection.  Download it for free.  Tell all your friends and tell them to tell their friends!

Thank Yous [I’ve always wanted to do this! LMAO]:
I wanna thank @nemobeatz for helping me out during this whole thing – both as a friend and as a musician. How much that means to me can never be expressed through words. Thanks to @finessebry for looking me out the same way. Thanks to @edwinblanco for not just being a manager, but again, a friend as well. This is just the beginning, fellas. Let’s show the world what we can do from here on in. It’s about that time. We’ve worked too hard already but we could always work harder. Only we can get in the way of ourselves. Let’s make everyone else a spectator.
Thanks to @readyrock for helping me with both sides as well. I will always ride with you no matter what my situation is [PAUSE!]. The Settaz will always be un-fuck-witable. I’m ready to kill ’em again when you are!
Thanks to @iknowyouhateme@babygirlfuego/ @LindsayKMusic@airmaxmo. Thank you for choosing us to paint your respective musical canvases. They’re not ready for what we’re about to hit ’em with. LET’S WORK.
Thanks to @s2dennisray, @bizkitxfx + @seanmack. You guys are my heart. Fuck pausing. Thank you for always being loyal. That’s worth more than anything to me. Know that.
Thanks to my REAL brother, Tom. You inspire me, bro. You’re on the right path. Keep doing what you’re doing.
Thanks to my amazing mother, Marc and the rest of my family and relatives for always being there. Tom and I will continue to make you proud. Keep watching.
Thanks to @paoweezy, @beckyface, @JennyCakes, @What_Recession, Marlen [GET A TWITTER, DAMMIT!], @littlemisscacie [You too! Make it official!], @nicoleisdope, @susiebabooty, @risas_piece, @mikeladen, @MasterJ, @La_Maravilla1, @imsomajestic, @monzie, @xxgothimaekoxx, @bevbeatz, @startrekia, @JerzeeBoii, @PR_JAY, @imFUTURE, @izzycuadra, @geefromjc, @DaFame, @REidealist, @Cardiana, @LaBols, @the_johnson, @fergieatheart, @Sally_Supernova, @therealzharina, @Planet_Awesome, @abellaaa and @whoeverelseImayhavemissed [Tell me and I’ll add you!]. Thank you for the love and support you continuously show. We wouldn’t trade y’all for the world.

Special thanks to Royal for featuring me every week! He didn’t have to do that but he did. I am very appreciative. I’m ready for that interview when you are!  HAHA! Also, thank you to @giftedthought for featuring me on A-Tunes. Hopefully you guys will continue to support me and my team in the future.

So that’s all folks! Next stop? Triangle Offense. 120 BPMs: The First Love. You’re gonna love it. I promise you! Till then…..!




  1. Downloading year one right now! can’t wait to bump the whole year on my ipod. congrats on completing a year.

  2. […] year. We caught wind of it towards the end of the endeavor but now that the year is up Sci has released the entire project as one convenient […]

  3. I just looked over a lot of the stuff you’ve done, AGAIN and I’m so impressed and proud of you!!!! Keep following your dream, Patrick! Love you & your music!!!

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