Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | June 19, 2009

sci: year one [week 46] + ADONIS info

week 46: go-ie pt. II [make it rain] (feat. Finesse)
I originally wanted this to be a Triangle Offense freestyle but we never got a chance to do it.  We were just so busy with making sure that Adonis recorded his stuff for the new T.O. album before he went back to the PI.  Finesse and I decided to jump on it anyway since he’s been sitting on the hook and his verse for a while.  I called this “go-ie pt II” because it seemed reminiscent to the first “go-ie” joint that Finesse and I did for week 7.  I love making tracks with my T.O. brothers, man.  Our chemistry is good together and our individual styles compliment each other.  They also help me make sure that I write the best that I can.  Finesse and Adonis are both nice as hell so I have to make sure I don’t slack off LOL.  I really wish that Adonis was on this too.  In his absence, I made sure to go extra hard on this track for my geographically challenged brother.  This is for you, PWOL!

Speaking of Adonis, check out his new blog here:
He drops new music there from time to time but it’s personally great for me to read what’s going on with him while he’s away.
You can also follow him on Twitter here:
OH! And peep his blog feature on Asian Rap Worldwide too!
Shouts to Royal once again!

You see? We gets busy for reeeeal! HAHA!




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