Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | June 2, 2009

sci: year one [week 42] + A-Tunes BLOG FEATURE!

Like I said last week, I’ve been busy working on the Triangle Offense album among other things so I haven’t been able to update  on time. I really feel bad about that so I’m gonna catch up to everything this week. Here’s the first of the 3 that I owe you guys:

week 42: kapowski in my audi
If you haven’t picked up Asher Roth’s album, PLEASE do.  That shit’s pretty sick.  It’s raw, organic, grassroots Hip-Hop – with a twist.  This song is originally “Lark On My Go Kart,” which is the intro to his album.  When I first heard it, I was so impressed by the fact that he was STRAIGHT RAPPING throughout the whole thing.  No hook…just pure lyrics.  I wanted to do the same thing but in my own way.  Sometimes, I dumb down my lyrics here and there because not every song needs complex lyrics or vocabulary.  Sometimes, that can actually ruin a song.  It’s all about control.  On this joint, I just wanted to remind everyone that I’m still not one to be fucked with on the mic.  That’s a part of my reputation that I’m quite proud of.  I think anyone can be a rapper.  Being a good rapper with actual skill?  That’s different.

Last but not least, I wanted to shout out Gifted Thought at for posting up a feature on me and my project.  Check it out here: Make sure you check out regularly for the latest and greatest in Asian music and culture.  Thanks again, Gifted!




  1. haha thats wassup.

    i still can’t believe you got the energy to do 52 tracks hahaha

  2. glad you finally listened to me & WENT IN!! *pause*

  3. damn went fuckin in on this shit

  4. this is my shit!

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