Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | May 9, 2009

sci: year one [week 40]

week 40: birthday sex [remix] (feat. Jeremih)
I heard this a while back and thought it was so dope cuz of its Dream-esque sound.  [Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a big Terius Nash stan.]  Not only does it sound like something that The-Dream would write, but it also sounds like something that LOS would produce [Producer of  “Rockin’ That Shit,” J. Holiday’s “Bed,” etc.].  Since then, it’s become the biggest R&B record in New York City.  I love remixing stuff, especially existing R&B records.  I tend to get my “sexy on” on them..LOL.  That’s actually what I started on when I first began recording my raps.  A few of the songs that come to memory are Jagged Edge’s “Walked Outta Heaven,” 112’s “Cupid” and J-Kwon’s “Tipsy” [I know that’s not R&B but that remix brings me back]. Ahh…the memories!  HAHA!  Hope you enjoy this one though!

Till next week,



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