Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | May 2, 2009

sci: year one [week 39]

week 39: wordplay (feat. Wale & Curren$y)
I’m a big Wale fan and also a big Curren$y fan.  9th Wonder is one of my biggest influences as a producer.  Of course, I was super suped to find out that these 3 made a song together.  I was honestly surprised that 9th made this beat.  It’s not his usual sound but it was still hot.  The song’s “wordplay” concept was so dope to me.  Both Wale and Curren$y are good at it, so it was fitting for them.  After the first listen, I noticed that there was an open verse at the end.  I’m not sure if Wale planned to get someone else to jump on it for the final version but I decided to go on it.  I enjoyed trying to keep up with the other rappers on this track.  I’m sure not everyone will get all my lines upon first listen.  Almost every bar has some sort of meaning, so keep running my verse back to figure them out.  That or just ask me..LOL.




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