Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | April 17, 2009

sci: year one [week 36 + 37]

I was looking through my folder of unreleased music and found these two older joints.  I forgot how good these were and I thought to share them with you for this week.  I told you I was gonna go back to the sci you all know and love! [But it’s not like you don’t love EVERY VERSION of sci that you hear, right? LOL jk. Ok..half joking..haha!]

week 36: swagger/back
I love when I rap over this tempo.  I tend to sound extra good and extra stylish.  I had such a blast writing to this joint.  I called it “swagger/back” because I was coming back from a recording hiatus at the time.  I also took the cue from Justin’s sexy/back as if I was bringing swagger back or whatever.  [Yea I know…SRB – Stupid Rapper Bullshit..LOL.] I was just getting back into the groove of things and honestly, don’t I sound like I never missed a step? HA!

week 37: secrets [remix] (feat. Nina Sky)
I was OBSESSED with this record.  This was a Nina Sky joint that seemed to leak out of nowhere.  I’m not sure if it’s for their second album but all I know is that it’s produced by Ryan Leslie.  A lot of people rag on these girls but I fucks with them.  This is a quick in and out verse from me.  I definitely could hear this playing on the radio – with or without me..LOL.  Enjoy!

Till next week,

sci. [aka “One night offer: Young, fly author.”]


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