Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | April 10, 2009

sci: year one [week 35] + my return to TWITTER! [LOL]

What up everybody!  Today, your favorite Filipino is reporting live from sunny Los Angeles, California!  If you know me, you know that LA is one of my favorite places in the world.  Once I’m financially successful in the music business, I plan on getting a place out here.  Oh gaaahhd..this city GOT ME so bad!  I’m out here for my friend’s wedding and also to meet with Sickamore to discuss music mumbo jumbo.  We’ve been playing phone tag with each other since yesterday but hopefully we’ll link up later today.  Anyhoo..let’s get to the music.

week 35: you’re not a diva
My dislike for Ms. Knowles has struck yet again.  Just like the “Single Ladies” track I did, this song is just a different spin on the original and isn’t directed towards her [LOL..what do I look like dissing Beyonce?!].  I just enjoy giving alternate scenarios and twists to song concepts.  Like they say, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.”  People can look at one thing and have completely different point of views and opinions on it.  So…here’s my approach to this song.  I’ll bring back the “lovey dovey sci” that you all know and love next week or the week after.  I can’t lie though..these type of tracks are sometimes fun to write.  Sorry for the vulgarity..LOL.

Btw, this Sunday marks my return to Twitter!  I have fulfilled my promise for lent and I’m excited to come back to Twitter more than anything!  Once midnight hits, I’m gonna jump back on my Twitterfon and tweet. my. ass. off!  Hopefully I’ll be drunk at some snazzy club or lounge in Hollywood around that time.  So check me out at  It should be interesting!

Till then,




  1. LOL damn yo. feeling this shit hard as hell haha

  2. ha that was great. and agreed, not all girls can be a diva. they can’t bring it like me!

    and yes where’s lovely dovey sci?! though i will admit the vulgar one is fun too.

  3. keep doin ya thing fellas can’t wait 4 the meetin saturday…1

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