Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | April 3, 2009

sci: year one [week 33 + 34]

Hey kiddies! Sorry I didn’t get to post anything last week. I was reeeeeeeeeeally busy with the music business side of things – networking, promoting, rubbing elbows and schmoozing with industry folks. When you choose to involve yourself in the music business stuff, you really realize that the music itself is such a small percentage of the entire picture. I now understand why KiD CuDi and B.o.B. [Bobby Ray] was thinking of calling it quits at the early stages of their careers. There’s so much bs that goes on in the industry but you can’t let anything discourage you – especially if you want it to be your life/ career like I do. It’s very important to stay positive, persistent and determined. With that said…let’s move on to the music!

week 33: swag switch *LINK UPDATED*
As much as people wanna rag on Soulja Boy, I think he’s capable of putting out dope music. I had SO MUCH fun writing to this record because it gave me freedom to just bug out! I think it’s great that his music could do that. Life doesn’t always have to be serious and neither does music. We’re all allowed to have fun once in a while, right? Just lighten up and enjoy yourself! [Btw, outro of this track was inspired by the next track, so make sure that plays right after this one!]

week 34: kill switch
I consider Kanye’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” one of the best beats I’ve ever heard in my life. Everything about it is perfect to me – the use of the samples, the level of “knock”, the clap combined with the 808s, the strings. Shit…I even thought the DROPS were perfect! I vowed to only write to this if I had to vent about something because I believe that raw emotion compliments this beat the best. I wanted every word to be real and literal. The first time I wrote to this, it was about some problems with friends but then I had a break-up shortly after. What’s realer than a break-up?! So that’s what I chose to write about the second time. Besides a handful of people, I could be most honest to my music. I could use it to vent my best and worst feelings and thoughts. I rarely hold back from saying anything in my songs because I use it as my personal diary. The only difference is that you just happen to hear it in audio form.

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  1. fellas i have my own music website and business to and i like the way you fellas work…can we link up and discuss real music business…i have a ton of ideas and i use to attend IAR in NY….please get at me…1

  2. […] saying any of those things because I can look back and LEARN from them.  Like I told you all before, “I rarely hold back from saying anything in my songs because I use it as my personal diary. […]

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