Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | March 20, 2009

sci: year one [week 32] + NEBULA album info

week 32: clearport (feat. Lindsay)
This record was something I did a couple of years ago [2007 to be exact].  Nemo and I made the beat and I came up with the concept almost immediately.  It sounded smooth, romantic and for some made me think of traveling [specifically eloping or getting away with your lover].  So I came up with the concept of me offering my significant the chance to go anywhere in the world at anytime – of course it didn’t matter as long as we were together.  Each verse contains suggestions of places we can go and things we can do at those specific places.  Nemo wrote the hook for Lindsay but Lindsay wrote the bridge – which made the track super official LOL.  I was gonna put this on my album but I feel that I’ve advanced so much as an artist that the song almost seems dated.

I decided to release the track here because my NEBULA album is gonna have Clearport Pt. II – which is a more stylish and more current version of this song [YAY!].  I’m also gonna slightly change the concept of the verses to fit a mini-concept I have for the album.  I won’t reveal the concept until I release the album itself, but for now this version of Clearport can serve as a prelude to the version on NEBULA.  Btw, NEBULA is gonna be 10-12 tracks of commercial, radio friendly music with an EDGE.  Again, the sound of the album is gonna be based on “Goyard To Go,” my favorite song off my group’s album [Triangle Offense, “Back To Barcelona”].  Like I said before..that fresh, futuristic fly-boy shit..LMAO.  I plan on releasing it sometime by the end of the year…not far after I finish this “sci: year one” project.

Till next week,



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