Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | March 14, 2009

sci: year one [week 31] + new myspace address

week 31: letter to self
I know that a lot of people already jumped on Jada’s Letter To B.I.G. but I personally think that my concept trumps everyone elses.  LMAO!  Sorry…that sounded pompous, right?  Anyways…I think one of the most important things in a person’s life is self-reflection.  What separates us humans from other mammals in the world is the fact that we have the ability to step outside of ourselves and look at who we are.  We could change bad habits.  We could second guess our actions.  We could make elaborate plans and set long-term goals.  We could make educated thoughts and decisions.  We don’t only have to rely on instinct.  Humans have so much potential because of the intelligence we possess.  I think we all take that for granted.  This song is a letter to myself and I’m using it as a subtle way to present this gift we have – our minds.  In it, I talk to my future self…as if I’m checking in from the past.  Like everyone else does, I have goals and predictions for my future.  Whether or not everything pans out as I plan it to remains to be seen, but this track serves as a time capsule of sorts to me.  I want to listen to this song in a few years and see how everything turned out.  In my opinion, this is one of the best tracks I’ve ever done..solely on the concept.  Hope you like it!

Because of my promise for lent, it COMPLETELY slipped my mind that I changed my MySpace address that same week!  I’m glad I randomly remembered because I tag all my mp3s with my MySpace address.  Anyways, you could now catch me at  Please pardon the appearance as the page is under construction.  I have a photo shoot coming up, so once that’s done, my brand spanking new myspace page should follow soon after.  So again –  Tell all your friends, your family and tell them to tell all their friends and family.




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