Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | March 13, 2009

“What up…what’s haapnin’?!”

Yaaaowa!  How’s everything?  I’d like to take this opportunity to let everyone know what’s been on my mind lately.  For lent, I decided to give up all social networks and programs.  This includes AIM, Twitter, MySpace and Facebook.  Honestly, it’s not difficult but it definitely gave me an idea of how the world works now.  These social networks are no longer just for fun or to pass time, but they have become a means of communication.  They’re not only used as an OPTION to communicate with people but they have become the PRIMARY means of communication for some people.  The number of people I talk to on a daily basis have decreased drastically because I’m not on AIM or Twitter.  Some people are probably trying to hit up my inbox and comments on MySpace or Facebook.  It’s like they forgot or ignore that I have a phone number.  My REAL peoples actually make an effort and know to hit me up on there.  Props to them!  It just amazes me that the era we’re living in seems to promote impersonal friendships.  It’s actually kinda sad.  Personally though, I’ll always prefer only having 5 REAL friends than 5,000,000 “friends” on 5 different social networks.  Shouts to my REAL friends that have kept in touch!  Thank you for not letting our friendship fade into obscurity because of my temporary absence in social networks and programs.  The rest of you could suck a fat one!

To the sky!


P.S. – New track coming tomorrow morning.  I’m just making sure the mix is right cuz the song holds a lot of significance to me.  Till then….!



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