Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | February 6, 2009

sci: year one [week 25] – New T.O. track?!

week 25: millionaire [test]
I hope my homies aren’t mad that I put this out already but I couldn’t help it! [pause] This was originally a song that we made for our artist, Mo-16.  A couple of hours ago, I got word that he wasn’t going to use it on his album anymore and it might end up being a Triangle Offense track instead!  In my opinion, this has HIT written all over it.  Nemo and Finesse wrote the SHIT out of the hook and Mo sounds SO GOOD singing it.  Oh..and of course the track was produced by none other than Jersey Boys Music!  Expect this to be a single of sorts from our second album, “Back To Bejing.”  Since that might take a minute to drop, here’s what I added to it since I found out it was going to be our track this morning.  I was just so excited that I had to write and record it ASAP!  Bad news though, I’ve decided that I’m not gonna be dropping anymore album snippets on here.  I’m too impatient..LOL!  I need to chill with that.  I also feel like I’m cheating a bit.  So from here on out, all the songs on sci: year one will be exclusives and won’t be heard anywhere else.  Savor this one and let me know what you think!




  1. ohhh baby. you alrdy kno what imma say so instead imma try to give you a visual. “hand over my heart..” imma get @yall

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