Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | December 25, 2008

sci: year one [weeks 17-21 + with me REMIX] – CHRISTMAS EDITION!

Merry Christmas and welcome back!  I’ve been gone for a while due to the holiday season.  For me, the end of the year always means a lot of work, shopping, eating, mini-vacations, eating, family gatherings, birthdays, eating and of course the celebrating the holidays.  I was VERY aware that I didn’t put up any new music for a few weeks.  Instead of killing myself and trying to give some lackluster shit, I just decided to work on everything when I finally had time.  I thought it would be nice to drop everything on Christmas – sort of like my gifts to you all! [All four of you that actually read my blog..LOL.]  Without further ado, here’s weeks 17, 18, 19, 20 and this week…number 21.

Nemo suggested that I make a .zip for all the tracks for this week.  If you’re lazy like him and don’t feel like downloading them one by one, here you go LOL:

[Thank you to everyone who already dled the songs one by one.  You guys are TRUE supporters!  LOL jk jk.]  

week 17: cham-pag-nay
This is the HOTTEST record out right now.  Clubs, whips, house parties, whatever…you are bound to hear this get played.  I love it cuz whenever the song drops, 9 times of out 10 you hear the crowd go “ohhhhh”..LOL.  Pronouncing “champagne” like “cham-pag-nay” is an inside joke that me and some of my close friends have.  I thought it would be funny to put it into this joint, so I incorporated it into the hook.  This joint was fun because I just wrote whatever came to mind.  As you could tell, my mind is all fucked up..LOL.  Some of this I even freestyled cuz I was really diggin’ the vibe while recording.

week 18: asap money

Let’s keep it Ron Browz right now.  I meant to make this an in and out joint but I ended up almost writing a song to it.  Then it became even longer when I was recording because I was feelin’ the vibe on this too.  Ron Browz is really that dude right now..LOL.

week 19: say you do

When I first got 808s & Heartbreak [*cough* Album Of The Year *cough*], I couldn’t get passed this song.  I had to keep running it back because I was so blown away by it.  Kanye picked the right song to set his album off.  It really laid down the foundation for everything else that followed.  What I wanted to do with this song was take it further on both ends of Kanye’s original subject – heartbreak.  He seemed to start after the break up, so my perspective started from what CAUSED the break up.  I continue to elaborate on the subject by using my own experiences from the worst heartbreak I’ve endured.  I then took it further than where Kanye ended his song and spoke about the EFFECTS of the break up – broken friendships, etc.  I originally wanted to make this a remix-duet with Kanye with us going back and forth with “say you do” and “say you will”.  It sounded really hot but it ended up being 8 minutes long!  Unfortunately, I decided to cut Yeezy out of it because it was too much.  I still have it if anyone wants it but I think this version is more controlled and not overwhelming.

week 20: single ladies
If you know me, you know I DESPISE Beyonce.  I don’t mind that she makes these independent women tracks but I HATE that she almost always has to bring men down at the same time.  That’s not fair, especially to good dudes that don’t fall under the category.  These girls that listen to her start becoming bitter and take it out on us.  So on this track…I wrote from a male’s perspective as to why HE DIDN’T stay with the girl.  Suck on that.  BITCHES.  [LOL!]

week 21: with me [remix]
Finally, we get to this week’s offering.  Since this is the Christmas Edition, I wanted this week’s joint to be special.  I’ve gotten a really great response to “With Me”.  It was just an experiment that I came up with one random afternoon but it’s become a track that people are telling me to push as a single.  As a result, we’ve been making moves to get this out there to DJs, blog stars, record execs, etc.  [Along with Mo-16’s “We Ain’t Freakin'” and Triangle Offense’s “Goyard To Go” it was finally played at Club Aura in NYC, which I’m very happy about.  Baby steps..but steps nontheless!]  I really enjoyed performing this on Halloween and loved the way that version sounded.  I then decided to remake a similar version with Nemo and MJ.  I really don’t know what version I like better because this remix came out SO. FRICKIN’. GOOD.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Thank you for reading…and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  See you next year!




  1. where is that “We Made It” track?!?!?!

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  3. […] My dislike for Ms. Knowles has struck yet again.  Just like the “Single Ladies” track I did, this song is just a different spin on the original and isn’t directed […]

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