Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | November 27, 2008

Happy THANKSGIVING!: Mo-16 – “Let’s Get This Money Mo” MIXTAPE [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Happy Thanksgiving!  I’m taking another break from my weeklies to tell you about Jersey Boys Music’s premiere artist, Mo-16.  Mo is an artist from Jersey City [I say “artist” because he’s not just a rapper!].  Mo is multi-faceted – rapping, singing or whatever he feels like doing over an instrumental.  Not only is he good at what he chooses to do, but he’s also one of the the most animated people I’ve ever met..LOL.  I personally love working with Mo because he’s so open minded.  He’s open to suggestions and guidance when it comes to music, business moves, etc.  He’s not one of those artists with a chip on his shoulder or anything like that.  [I am really REALLY thankful for that..haha!]  The best thing about Mo is that he refuses to be lumped in with other musicians that are out, so he’s always coming out with fresh ideas.  He’s not afraid to do something different and if it doesn’t work…then it’s back to the drawing board.  That’s what it’s all about.  Because of these characteristics, he will continue to evolve as an artist and you could definitely hear his growth through his music.  This is why he’s Jersey Boys Music’s MOTHER FRICKIN’ CASH COW [LMAO!].

This week, he finally releases his mixtape “Let’s Get This Money Mo”.  Remember, this is only the beginning for Mo-16.  We are currently working on his EP “Perfect Timing”, which is EXCLUSIVELY produced by us, Jersey Boys Music.  That’s definitely something to look out for.  At the moment though, we’re very proud to present “Let’s Get This Money Mo”…hosted by DJ On Point, crafted by Mo-16 aka The Playmaker.

[Click on the picture or the links below to download or stream.]







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