Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | November 21, 2008

sci: year one [week 14 + 15 + 16, getaway girl REMIX]


Of course, my name is sci..reporting live from Great Gorge in beautiful Vernon, NJ! I’m here with some of my closest friends for a little 4 day weekend getaway.  That doesn’t mean that I’m exempt from my duties and just forgetting about my musical endeavors!  As promised, I return this week with 3 new tracks to make up for the weeks I previously missed during my short hiatus.  Let’s get right into it!

week 14: thrasher
I was seriously walking on my way home from work and this track randomly came on in my sciPod.  I started freestyling to it and ended up making parts of my freestyle into a verse.  I thought the concept of putting an altercation of sorts into a song was interesting so I ran with it.  N.E.R.D. is one of my favorite acts, so it was inevitable for me to hop on one of their tracks.  I honestly never knew it would be this joint though.  Any truth to P & Chad breaking up btw?  That would destroy my heart. =(

week 15: young, gifted & asian
I’ve always LOVED this beat. Other than it being a classic Big Daddy Kane song, two of my favorite rappers, Jump Off Joe Beezy and Hova both jumped on this same beat.  I love both of those freestyles!  I’ve always wanted to go on this beat but could never find the instrumental for some reason.  I finally found it a while ago and recently got back to it to actually use.  I thought it would be funny to flip it to “Young, Gifted & Asian” as a sort of homage to Kane’s original track.  It also means something more because of the lack of good asian rappers in Hip-Hop.  No offense..I’m just calling it like I see it.

week 16: getaway girl [remix] (feat. Lindsay)
THIS is the most important joint out of the 3 tracks this week.  This song features Jersey Boys Music’s first lady, Lindsay.  She is an R&B singer and also a writer for The Collective, our collaborative group for making music [our own and other interested parties].  The original “Getaway Girl” appears on Lindsay’s demo/ first album, which is exclusively produced by us, Jersey Boys Music.  When we were first writing this song together, I broke out and wrote a rap on the side for fun.  I’ve had this for a while but decided to finally record it.  Lindsay doesn’t even know that I recorded this so…ENJOY LIN!

Ok…now I’m all caught up BITCHES.  I’m gonna go back to some very necessary rest and relaxation.

See you next week!



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