Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | November 13, 2008

THE RETURN…sci: year one [week 13 – “NEBULA” first single] + sci TWITTER

Guess who’s bizzack?!  A lot has definitely happened since my last entry.  First off, I have my own studio set up and ready to go!  I’ve recorded some of the upcoming weekly stuff on it and I am pretttyyyyyy prettyyyyy happy with the results.  Bare with me during the weeks as I familiarize myself with my new equipment and learn how to mix my stuff better.  I’m sure it’ll improve as the weeks fly by.  More importantly, we have elected Barack Obama to take charge of our country!  I am more than happy that he emerged the victor [by a landslide, I might add].  Politics is always a very touchy subject, mainly because many people are so pro democrat or pro republican – often resulting in arguments and squabbles.  I honestly look out for the person that I believe may have my best interests in mind.  Barack also seems like an honest and genuine person with nothing to hide.  Isn’t that what you want from a president?  To be real with you at all times…like a good friend would be?  That’s certainly a quality that I admire in ANYONE I come across.  Props to Senator McCain too.  He also seemed like he could have been a great leader as well.  The only thing with him is that I didn’t agree with his stance on some issues…that’s all.  He’s dope for acknowledging that we are still one America – therefore we should help each other through this turmoil whether democrat, republican, black, white…whoever and whatever.  BOOSH!

Ok..on to the music!  I know that I’ve fallen behind because of my little hiatus and we’re actually on week 15.  I have decided to make the weeks up in a different way.  I will only give you week 13 this week and hit you all with 14, 15 & 16 at once next week.  I’m doing this because lucky number 13 is actually a very important song.  In fact, it’s the first single to my debut solo album, “Nebula”!  I debuted the song at our little Halloween shindig and it was a blast!  I love that the crowd got into the dance too..haha! [Yes, there’s a little dance to it and props to Nemo for being the mastermind behind it..LOL.]


Wale’s “Nike Boots” is one of the dopest tracks that I’ve heard in a long time.  I loved the anthem feel it has.  Around the time I was crafting the ideas for this song, Hova’s “Jockin’ Jay-Z” debuted at Kanye’s Glow In The Dark concert, which I was actually in attendance for.  It was such an inspiring moment!  Because both of these songs use the same vocal sample style in the hook, I wanted to do the same to pay kinda homage to these two tracks.  I wanted the “Nike Boots” anthem feel mixed with energy of “Jockin’ Jay-Z”.  I made the drums and brought them to Nemo.  He did his thing-thing over it and we had the idea to bring MJ and his guitar into the mix to add that rock star shit [also present in both Wale & Jay’s tracks].  At first, I didn’t like how the overall beat came out but I wrote to it anyway.  I came back the next week demanding that we change MJ’s guitar part.  It sounded too “patriotic” to me, which wasn’t the way I originally wanted to go.  We ended up not changing it and thank God because I LOVE this track now.  The sound is very fitting for what the song stands for – triumph, victory, determination and hard work.  This song is actually going to set off the album too [it’s first song after the intro], so it also serves as a launching pad for the journey that I plan to take with the album, “Nebula”.  “We’re going to the stars baby!”

week 13: nebula [first single from the album, “nebula”]



P.S. – I have made a new Twitter page for myself.  I will only be “tweeting” on the Jersey Boys Twitter for music related updates.  If you wanna follow me and read my daily thoughts [good/ bad, sarcastic/ serious and everything in between]..hit me up on  GRACIAS!



  1. if only u could see me while listening to this song, makes me wanna flail my arms over my head.

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