Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | November 4, 2008

Halloween Performances

hey this is nemo, just want to thank everyone that came out on friday for the show/party.  people have been asking me about the performances, so without further adieu i have the vids below with the accompanying free mp3 dl. all of the artists u see are produced by us and we appreciate all kinds of support.  leave comments if u like what u see/hear. enjoy!

Download: Mo-16 – Live For This

Download: Mo-16 (feat. PR Jay) – F.L.O.S.S. Gang

Download: Mo-16 (feat. PR Jay) – We Ain’t Speakin’ (We Ain’t Freakin’)

Lindsay (feat. Streetz) – Backstabber (mp3 will be available soon)

Download: Lindsay – Getaway Girl

Download: Sci – With Me

Download: Triangle Offense – Goyard To Go

Download: Sci – Nebula

Download: Triangle Offense (feat. Streetz) – I Know (Remix)

Download: Sci (feat. PR Jay, Finesse & Mo-16) – Swagger Like Us

*Bonus 1*

Ultimate Warrior Freestyle, lol

*Bonus 2*

Download: Mo-16 – Super Freak

stay tuned til the very end for another surprise from the ultimate warrior. don’t worry, it’s a prop.



  1. lol i fucked up on Live For This hard as hell. my only jons is i was drunk already. Jungle Juice man. but all in all. it turned out real good man, glad to be a part of it

  2. hahaha this party was the SHIT!! and my fav part if u scroll down to nebula u got a still shot of the pope blessing pat as he performs hahahaha!!!!! MADNESS!!!! i HEART Jersey Boys!!!

  3. the performances were great! i can’t stop watching the videos over and over again lol. i love Jersey Boys and their whole team!!! great job guys =)

  4. […] the first single to my debut solo album, “Nebula”!  I debuted the song at our little Halloween shindig and it was a blast!  I love that the crowd got into the dance too..haha! [Yes, there’s a little […]

  5. […] Aura in NYC, which I’m very happy about.  Baby steps..but steps nontheless!]  I really enjoyed performing this on Halloween and loved the way that version sounded.  I then decided to remake a similar version with Nemo and […]

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