Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | October 29, 2008

sci: year one [week 12] + announcement

I know, I know..I’m a week behind still..SHEESH! I’ve been dumb busy with work, practices/ rehearsals and working on some songs from my ACTUAL album[s] – which I must say seem to be coming along prettyyyyyyy prettyyyyy pretty good! So in case you were wondering, I’m definitely not slacking off because I’ve been working on and recording songs for my two albums. The only thing is that I can’t show you those until I finish the albums..haha! I know I owe you a week 13 too but my weeklies actually have to be put on hold for a little bit. VERY little bit…as in another week or two. You see, I’m setting up my own studio at home! Now my weeklies should have NOOOOOOO problems with coming on time. No more excuses about not being able to hit Finesse’s studio cuz of problems that are out of my hands because I’ll be able to record whenever the hell I want! I picked out all my equipment yesterday with the help of my good friend & partner D. Morse, so all I have to do is make the purchases! Anyways, let’s get into week 12:

week 12: banjo kazooie
Since I first heard Coldplay’s most recent album, “Viva La Vida”, I instantly thought that “Lost” would be dope to rhyme on. I honestly was kinda lawry’s when I found out that Jay-Z spit on it. Luckily, I personally thought he was kinda lackluster with it [why the recycyled verse, Jay?]. So when I was writing this, I kinda mentally put myself up against my favorite rhyme slinger of all time.
No one can deny that the drum pattern in this joint is so Hip-Hop! So what I did was pattern my flow to the drums & percussion. I don’t mean to brag but you don’t even have to listen closely to notice that..LOL. When I envisioned what vibe my writings for this song would encompass, I thought of celebration and heroism. It’s funny because other people told me that in contrast, the beat sounds sad or funeral-like. I love that perception can be different to everyone. So I stuck with my point of view and went against what some may is a “sad, funeral-like” beat to make the song like a JUXTAPOSITION of sorts between the music and lyrics. [I love using that word because I find it difficult to use in everyday talk…LOL YES!]
I called this joint “Banjo Kazooie” because my big homie Dennis mentioned Banjo Kazooie during a recent conversation we had. I found that shit so funny so I told him that I would make it a line in a song for him. I no lie! Later on, I also decided to make it the title for kicks. This is for you D! This is also for Jay-Z..haha!

Don’t forget about the Halloween party/ performances this Friday by yours truly and the gang!
Read all of the details here [you need to log into FACEBOOK to view]:

Till my return…au’revoir!




  1. the one week i wait to listen to it, it gets removed. booooo. just my luck.

  2. it’s back up now…enjoy!

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