Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | October 23, 2008

new divShare page/ playlist + “week 11: woosci” re-up

Last week, zSHARE gave a lot of blogs problems due to their site maintenance.  I was definitely affected because I upload all of my weekly offerings on zSHARE.  I like that they give you the option to stream and/ or download.  So last week, I was stuck with using another file sharing program that only allowed people to download.  Last night, I found divShare – which allows you to stream, download and even connect the songs to one a playlist!  So now, all my weekly music is available on one page rather than having to rummage through different links!  In case you were wondering, divShare does allow you to link to specific songs, but the playlist will still conveniently at the bottom!  I thought that shit was so dope [on some geek].  May I also add that divShare doesn’t have those annoying pornographic looking ads that zSHARE always had..LOL.

So with that out of the way, I wanted to re-upload last week’s offering, “woosci.”  Even though this song isn’t on an album, I thought it would be good to bring more attention to the song because I feel it’s a strong track.  I talked more about the beat last week, so let me delve into the actual lyrical content.

week 11: woosci [derived from “woosaa” in case you were]
I wrote this song during a week when I was feeling negative about everything.  Not depressed but just on that “mad at the world” tip.  I came up with the hook because sometimes I just don’t feel fully supported when it comes to my music – even from close friends or even the people I make music with.  Furthermore, I sometimes feel like no one gives a fuck in general…and sometimes they obviously don’t – and that’s perfectly fine.  I’m not complaining or anything but a great friend told me if they don’t give a fuck…I should give a fuck less.  I like that shit..I’ll roll with that.  A classic proverb I like to go by is “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”  [Good looks on the advice Sean!]
So I chose to keep my tone and delivery unanimated because I wanted to give off that cavalier “I don’t give a fuck” attitude.  Also, I always had this idea to write a verse  where each line repeated the last word twice.  I honestly was walking and freestyling one random day when I came up with this idea.  I thought it would just be different and it would be cool to use in a track.  IMO, it worked out pretty well with this joint.

Well that’s all folks!  See you guys next week with TWO new tracks [week 12 + 13]. Also, don’t forget to try to come thru to the party to watch me and the gang perform!  For more info, check the post below this one.





  1. can sci perform for my bday!!!!! i LOVE him wooooooosci!!! LOL

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