Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | October 22, 2008

upcoming PERFORMANCE info!

First off, I wanted to let you know that this week’s weekly is being pushed back due to not being able to record.  Finesse’s friend’s mother passed so he’s going to the wake to pay his respects.   Even though my mother and I are in disagreement right now, I couldn’t imagine losing her.  My prayers go out to his friend and their family.

On a lighter note..on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31st, me and my friends are throwing a Halloween Party at Nemo’s house.  You see, Nemo’s house parties at Bramhall [his street’s name] are some of the most legendary house parties ever experienced…no bullshit.  We haven’t had a party there in a long time so we decided to throw something together for Halloween.  This time though, I thought we should put together a performance set to spice things up!  Not only would it serve as a showcase for me and our other artists but it would be fun as hell!  The acts are me, Finesse, Lindsay [our R&B singer], & Mo-16 [our singing rapper/ rapping] & his partner, PR Jay.  Nemo on piano, MJ on guitar of course and my boy Streets on the help out [also doing his own thing on certain sets].  We’re also bringing the bongos out..LOL.  The set is about 40 minutes and we’re thinking of starting the performance at around 12:30.  I’m pretty frickin’ suped..LOL!

Rest of the details here [you need to log into FACEBOOK to view]:

You are ALL welcome to come thru!  Your support means a lot to us…and it personally means a lot to me in particular because I put a lot of work into putting the show together.  It’s great to see a small idea turn into reality.  Hope to see you there!



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