Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | October 16, 2008

sci: year one [week 11] + the seminar VIDEO

Good morn-y-ing! *sings Kanye – Good Morning’s Elton John sample*  LOL..I’m feeling good, feeling great…how are you?  Thanks for the great response from everyone for “With Me,” last week’s jam.  I’m glad you all dug it!  Make sure to continue spreading that song around.  Tell all your friends, your friends’ friends and your friend’s mommas.  We’re also thinking about shooting a sexxxy little video for it next month so keep your fingers crossed.  Anyways, let’s get on to this week – which is also a biggie.

week 11: woosci
This is another song I was gonna keep for an album.  The problem with this track was that it didn’t fit any of the two albums I’m working on.  Let me explain.  You all know I have “Nebula” coming soon, which is the commercial, uptempo album.  The sound of the whole album is based on “Goyard To Go,” which was my favorite track from my group’s album.  I want that same synthy, fresh, futuristic fly-boy shit for this album.  On the other side of that, I’m working on “Sci-Lence No More.”  That album is the darker, more personal side of sci.  The sound of that album is going to be dark [still using some synths though], sample based and a heavier feel.  I think when that’s all said and done, it will be my true masterpiece.  So anyway, when I created “woosci,” I intended it to be on “Nebula” because my flow on this was so playful even though my lyrics are hard and meaningful.  I thought the fact that the two contradicted worked so well.  I wrote the song over my bare drums and recorded it.  I sent it to Nemo, MJ & Finesse for feedback and additions to the beat.  They all liked it the way it was LOL!  Finesse called it “Yellow Magic” because it reminded him of Jay-Z’s “Blue Magic” [of course “Yellow” because I’m Asian LOL].  MJ later added the SICK basslines and I wanted Nemo to add light synths to keep with the “Nebula” sound.  He ended up not doing anything to it…which pretty much forced me to remove it from the album.  He said he didn’t see synths fitting the sound.  He might be right but I thought otherwise.  No biggie though..shit like that happens all the time in music.  At any rate, I think it’s still hell of a song and people should still hear it one way or another.  Enjoy!

sci: the seminar VIDEO
XXL’s November issue is going to feature who they think are the best up and coming MCs.  In order to reveal who these artists are, XXL magazine is doing this daily video bit called “The Seminar.”  They each have a video where they spit acapella but their faces are somehow covered up to make you guess who it is.  Below are a few of my favorites so you could get an idea of what I’m talking about.  Even though it’s more fun guessing who’s who, I put the names in case people didn’t know who they were.

Kid Cudi
Mickey Factz

So…I thought it would be cool if me, Mo-16 and PR Jay did each one for kicks – all directed by Finesse.  What people don’t know about Finesse is that his first true passion is directing.  I thought it would be cool for him to get it crack-a-lackin’ with some directing, even if it was something light like this.  Here’s my version of “The Seminar.”  A high quality version can be seen on my myspace.  WordPress’ embed doesn’t allow high quality youtube vids. =(

See you all next week!




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