Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | October 7, 2008

sci: year one [week 10…sci SINGING?!]

Top of the morning to all you ladies and gentlemen!  I know I normally put up my weekly songs on Thursday or Friday but I’m going out of town this week, so I figured I’d give this to you early.  Also, I couldn’t wait to bring this week’s track out any longer.

I’m breaking a lot of traditions because I know I usually give the link to the track first before I give my little background blurb on it, but I have to switch it up this week.  This week’s track is the most important so far.  It was originally going to be on my album “nebula”..and still may end up being on there depending on the response I get from this.  As long as I can remember, I’ve always loved to sing.  When I was growing up, I always loved singing to Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Elton John, Lou Rawls, David Bowie and even David Benoit and Kenny Loggins [whatchu know about thaaaat?!].  My family, especially my father’s side, always were involved in music.  My grandmother was a piano teacher, one of my uncles was a world touring pianist [still may be, I lost contact though] and my father was actually once a singer in a group in the Philippines.  Naturally, music was always around me.  It wasn’t a surprise that I got into music myself.  When I started rapping, I always thought it would be a cool idea to mix singing into it somehow.  Mos Def was the first artist that I personally saw do this and have such a great balance at it.  He could lyrically dismantle a song like “Definition” or “Respiration” but can sing a song like “Umi Says.”  That was so AMAZING to me.  I wanted to do something like that.  The only problem?  I was never confident in my singing, even though random people would tell me from time to time that I had a voice.  I never had the balls to even try it out, so I just stuck with the rapping.  I think it panned out well because I honed my rapping skills and now I could branch out and experiment with different styles and genres now.  This way, I could get closer to becoming the artist I ultimately want to be…one step at a time.

Enter: “With Me.”  [Before I continue, I want to make it clear that this is NOT “Love Lockdown” inspired or anything.  People have asked me that when I showed them the song but I’ve had parts of this song way before that came out.  Kanye often inspires me, but he didn’t influence this song.]  “With Me” came to me on a lazy Sunday morning.  The beat for it randomly came on iTunes and then I just started humming a melody to words.  I recorded the melody along with a couple more that I came up with then sat on it for a while.  I finally got back to it then wrote the lyrics to the song.  This song is also important to me because of how much I worked on its style and atmosphere.  The lyrics and melody came easy, but creating a certain mood or vibe for it was so meticulous.  I wanted the song’s feel to be loving, caring and protecting…even ALMOST sappy [if it’s not already sappy as].  So what I did was concentrate on the tone of my voice and made sure it was calming and easy.  Next, I decided that if I don’t follow the normal song structure, it would give it a more personal feel.  Sometimes song structure can make a song too “cookie cutter,” taking away from the emotion and making it sound like a robot made it.  [T.I.’s “Whatever You Like” had an interesting song structure.  I used that as a reference of sorts.]  Last but not least, I didn’t plan to put autotune on it but Finesse just tested it out and it gave the song a little spice.  He also made a good point that with the exception of “Love Lockdown,” autotune hasn’t been really utilized on a meaningful song.  Even though Nemo would argue that I didn’t need the autotune, we decided to keep it as an effect.  So without further ado, here’s “With Me.”  An original sci song, produced by none other than Jersey Boys Music.

week 10: with me





  1. rappa ternt sanga! i. love it.

  2. […] wanted this week’s joint to be special.  I’ve gotten a really great response to “with me“.  It was just an experiment that I came up with one random afternoon but it’s become […]

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