Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | September 25, 2008

sci: year one [week 8]

YAY!  On time!  How you like that?  Actually..I’ve been putting in so much work that I think I’m weeks ahead.  I got secret songs, man…secret songs! LOL..anyway, let’s get into week ocho:

week 8: jerz boys [feat. Travis Barker]
I wanted to do this joint mainly because Travis Barker absolutely killed the drums on it.  I’m such a sucker for Hip-Hop with live instruments.  Also, you may have heard about Travis Barker and DJ AM getting into a horrible plane crash that left them in critical condition.  My prayers go out to them and even though we don’t know each other personally, I dedicate this to them.  On a lighter note, I have another shout out near the end of the song [hint: it’s someone’s birthday today right?].
When I was writing the second verse to this joint, I realized that it would sound better if it was in an original song.  I decided to keep it on here for now but it may pop up again in an album track.  *insert dramatic music*  LOL…till next week!



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