Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | September 10, 2008

best $15 ever.

I was definitely a happy sci after the G.O.O.D. Music Show at the Knitting Factory last night.  I was getting ready to partake in some serious stannery because three of my favorite up and coming artists were all scheduled to perform.  Even though Consequence was headlining, I really only went for Wale, Kid Cudi & Mickey Factz.  I’ve seen Wale and Mickey perform before and they BOTH KILLED so I wanted to see them again.  I was at the Red Bull Space to see Cudi perform but my boy couldn’t get in so I sucked it up [pause] and decided to leave [come crew, leave crew rule…ALWAYS].  Anyways, let me run down what I thought were the high & low lights of the show.  I could post every video I have but that would take WAY too long.  I’ll just upload my favorites and you could hit me on AIM for the rest if anything [s c i  IL or sci nebula].  Here we go:

1 – Wale didn’t perform, but he was there.  WTF?  GLC didn’t perform either but he wasn’t there.  Plus..honestly..I didn’t come for GLC like I did for Wale [OMG PAUSE].  It’s ok…I got over it later on in the night…[pause that too…yeesh!]

2 – Big Sean was ok.  I thought his joint “Get’cha Some” was kinda fresh.  No homo but I was really feelin’ his Bape jacket.

3 – Mickey was dope, but there was some hipster heckler calling him Lupe.  Hater.  I loved that he had his band “The Automatics” with him.  I love Hip-Hop with live instruments!  Here’s Mickey rockin’ the fuck out to the rock version of Rockin’ N Rollin’:

4 – Kid Cudi was every bit of dope I thought he would be!  The crowd was really into him and seemed to know all the words to his songs.  I guess everyone got that mixtape, huh?  He also announced that he is now under the G.O.O.D. Music label.  SWEEYT!  Here’s my favorite joint he performed, Maui Wowie:

5 – I was considering leaving after Cudi cuz I’m not really big on Cons but I decided to stay.  Good thing I did because KANYE came out and took over Cons’ set!  I saw ‘Ye earlier on the balcony with Alexis [I guess they’re back together] but wasn’t sure if he was gonna hit the stage.  Here’s Love Lockdown [which was probably inspired by]:

Of course I gotta also throw in everyone’s favorite rap track right now, Swagga Like Us.  I thought Jay was gonna come out for this one but that woulda been asking for too much..LOL.  Check out how cool the new G.O.O.D. Music group look together!:

6 – THAT. WASN’T. IT.  Cons brings out Q-Tip to perform a set as well!  It’s great to see a hip-hop legend in the flesh.  He started off with Check The Rhime, which SHOOK the Knitting Factory from its foundation [no exaggeration..the place was JUMPIN]!  The crowd was fuckin’ BANOODLES:

Man..what a historic night.  I was kinda lawry’s that Wale didn’t perform but Yeezy and Kamaal REALLY made up for that and then some.  Amazing..and all for $15.

Till next time,




  1. i just saw you talk about what a bloggin nerd you were and i had to check out what the eff you were talking about. lol

    my boy was at that concert too. i’m hatin hard coz i’m dying to see kanye again. he did a surprise set at a Lupe show i saw a couple of years ago at SOB’s and he’s amazing as is Lupe.

    loving the “banoodles” comment. lol

    =) -monz

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