Posted by: Jersey Boys Music | September 8, 2008

sci: year one [weeks 1-5]

Even though this is the first official post for the Jersey Boys Music blog, I don’t really feel like doing an intro..LOL.  I’m lazy and hungry right now.  I’ll give you a rundown of the crew and the group within the next couple of posts. least let me not be rude and introduce myself.  Me llamo sci…1/2 of Jersey Boys Music, 1/5th of The Collective, 1/3 of Triangle-Offense [you I have to give you a rundown of all that..LOL.  I will soon..I swear!].  I pretty much write, produce and also happen to rap.  Now..let me just get into what this post is about [I promise to give you a much more proper introduction in the].  As a writer, I am easily inspired by life, my surroundings, etc.  Just as easily as I can be inspired, I could get UNinspired and get writer’s block.  That’s where “sci: year one” comes in.  This project’s main purpose is to keep me constantly writing and recording.  I hate when I get into music droughts and they’re always a bitch to get out of them!  To prevent this, I have to keep the cycle going.  It’s like exercising..but with music.  So for “sci: year one,” my goal is to go a whole year recording at least one track a week – whether it be a freestyle, a verse, a remix, an original song…ANYTHING.  It’s not the only thing I’m working on though.  I’m also working on two solo albums along with two of our artists’ albums.  So that’s at least 52 tracks with “sci: year one” along with everything else I’m working on.  Wish me luck!  I may skip some weeks because I don’t get to go into the studio or I don’t have time to write but I have made a vow to myself to ALWAYS make up for them.  I HAVE TO end up with 52 tracks by the end of these 52 weeks.  Here’s what I have so far:

week 1: aww shit!
I loved this beat the instant I heard it.  I love rapping on this tempo and I must say that I. Rip. This.  I played with a little sing-song at the end because for some reason I kept saying that to myself whenever I heard the actual song.  I decided to keep it for kicks.

week 2: ol’ sci magic
If you know me…you know I’m a HUGE Robin Thicke stan.  I went kookoo when this track first leaked and started writing to it instantly.  The second verse was written more recently, during the olympics – hence the Phelps references.

week 3: move it here
I had a BLAST writing this track.  I wrote the last verse for this girl I was casually dating at the time.  She ended up being a weirdo/ mystery…but that’s another story..LOL.  Anyways…this track is the result of just letting myself go..having fun and just being me.  This is one of my favorite and most creative joints.  Shouts to Moby!

week 4: sci hater
Ehhh..I just spontaneously wrote this joint when the song was on.  This was more of an exercise than anything.  Nothing else to really say about it.  *shrug*

week 5: artful dodger [feat. mo-16]
This is an original joint and features one of Jersey Boys’ artists, Mo-16.  You’ll get acquanited with him soon as well.  Produced by D. Morse [previously known as D-Lace].  This was supposed to be a full song with a hook and all but we’ve been too busy working on all our different albums.  We may go back to it in the future..but for now it’s just Mo and I ripping this beat to shreds.  Especially Mo though…I love his verse on this!

See ya this Friday with this week’s track! when Finesse fixes his studio and I could record again..LOL.




  1. O.M.G. I love the jersey BOYS!!!! soooo fuckin hot!!! i was soooo excited to meet them and when they officially made me their FIRST groupie i knew….i just knew that i was somethin special.

    Sci, i love ur long, smooth, and hard……rhymes they really hit the spot!

    Nemo, you got the softest, sexiest, yet rough……..piano chords i have ever heard.. keep it poppin. for sho.

    everyone listen the fuck up–if u don’t kno now ya kno: JERSEY BOYS: are.the.shit!

    look out for them cuz they can’t stop, wont stop: eh eh, eh eh!

    p.s. The COLLECTIVE–we comin at cha!

    -and i’m OUT


  2. so just wanna update the blog cuz ya kno its early and i dont wanna work soo yeaa. my government is lindsay, but some may know me as babygirl fuego, FUEGO, fue, chichi rodriguez, sasha, and several other names…..i’m 1/5 of The Collective and i’m a singer/songwriter, dancer (no one does it better than me) and yeaa working my way into producer status too. on my spare time i like to drink pina coladas while getting caught in the rain, make random videos of myself doing stupid shit, wild out at the clubs, and jus chill. my musical style is crazy fun. as some may already kno i love to put that stank on it; call it a trademark or jus call it fuego -whatevs. hmm whatelse…oh i love working with my team, my boys. its hard being the only female holdin it down but ya kno, who said i was a female……..nah jk jk -dont wanna scare nobody i do have a vagineee. anyways, so thats me. if u wanna know some more about me then u need to chill wit me -cuz i said so.

    peace, love & hair grease bitches.

  3. […] working with.  We’re producing his entire album/ demo.  You also might have heard him on my week 5 track “Artful Dodger.”  I actually went to Dickinson High School [woop woop!] with him and his partner in rhyme, PR Jay. […]

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